Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bruno Cote paintings available at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery

Following Bruno Cote paintings were recently acquired by Fine Arts Toronto Gallery and they are now available for sale. 

(1) (2)

The following two paintings are framed and matted the same and they will be sold as pair only.
(1) Bruno Cote - Fishing Village (1988) - oil on masonite (16" x 20")
(2) Bruno Cote - Autumn Scene (1988) - oil on masonite (16" x 20")

(3) (4)
We also have available a rare Bruno Cote oil on canvas - "First Snow" (1991) and the "Port Au Saumon" (1984).
(3) Bruno Cote - First Snow (1991) - oil on canvas (16" x 20")
(4) Bruno Cote - Port au Saumon (1984) - oil on masonite (16" x 20"). Similar Bruno Cote painting from 1982 depicting Saint-Louis wooden goelette is reproduced at page 53 in "Bruno Cote - Signatures" by Maurice Assier (ISBN 978-2890000940). 
(5) (6)
Last two works available by Bruno Cote are larger works dedicated to the sea:
(5) Bruno Cote - Fortune, Newfoundland (1988) - oil on masonite (20.5" x 24"). Similar Bruno Cote painting "Brumasse, Nova Scotia" also depicting "a cliff of rain" is reproduced at page 107 in "Bruno Cote - Beyond the Land"  (ISBN 2-921585-62-6)
(6) Bruno Cote - Twillingate (1988) - oil on masonite (24" x 30"). Similar Bruno Cote painting "Coast, Nova Scotia" depicting the same subject is reproduced at page 21 in "Bruno Cote - Thoughts on the North"  (ISBN 2-921585-47-2).

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Welcome to Fine Arts Toronto Gallery Blog

Founded in 2003 in Toronto-Canada, Fine Arts Toronto Gallery offers for sale historical and contemporary works of art of Canadian, European as well as other international artists.

While the gallery continues to keep a strong focus on Canadian artwork, we recently noticed the strong valuation of the East European art in all major auction houses, hence our decision to introduce more of such european artists to our clients and the Canadian art market.

However, at the end of the day, our basic principle states that no matter if you buy art for pleasure or investment, you should first and foremost enjoy the artwork you acquire as it will be part of your life for years to come.

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