Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fine Arts Toronto Gallery Exhibition - 2014 Winter Holiday Show of Smaller Works

Fine Arts Toronto Gallery Exhibition - 2014 Winter Holiday Show of Smaller Works is featuring selected historical and contemporary painters from Canada and Europe: A.Y.Jackson, Bruno Cote, Robert Genn, Sergei Chepik, Camelia de Montety, Valeriu Gonceariuc, Eugen Mircea, John Joy, Liviu Suhar.

A.Y. Jackson - Baie St. Paul, Quebec (1951)
Baie St. Paul (1951) - Oil on panel

A.Y. Jackson - Houses, Fox River, Gaspe (1927)
Houses, Fox River - Gaspe (1927) - Oil on panel

Bruno Cote - Fascine Kamouraska (cca. 1989)
Fascine Kamouraska (cca. 1989) - Oil on masonite

Bruno Cote - Terre Neuve, Newfoundland (1991)
Terre Neuve, Newfoundland (1991) - Oil on masonite

Robert Genn - Larches Beyond Tamarack Ridge - Bugaboos (2014)
Larches Beyond Tamarack Ridge (2014) - Acrylic on canvas

Robert Genn - With the Bugaboo Tens (2014)
With the Bugaboo Tens (2014) - Acrylic on canvas

Sergei Chepik - Les Contes D'Hoffmann (Petrushka) (1988)
Les Contes D'Hoffmann (Petrushka) (1988) - Oil on canvas

Camelia de Montety - Saint Georges terrassant le dragon (2007)
Saint Georges terrassant le dragon (2007) - Oil on canvas board

Valeriu Conceariuc - Nocturn (2002)
Nocturn (2002) - Oil on panel

Eugen Mircea - Winter Street (2004)
Winter Street (2004) - Watercolour on artist board

John Joy - Dufferin Street (1993)
Dufferin Street (1993) - Acrylic on panel

Liviu Suhar - Nude (2002)
Nude (2002) - Oil on canvas

Please visit us at www.fineartstoronto.com/exhibition-smaller-works-2014.html/ for more details these paintings as well as other important works by Canadian and European artists.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Robert Genn - "Kokanee Sky Pattern" available now at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery

Available now at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery another superb painting by Robert Genn - "Kokanee Sky Pattern", oil on canvas (20"x24").

For more information about this sketch as well as other Robert Genn paintings, please visit us at: www.fineartstoronto.com/artist/genn-robert.html