Monday, 1 June 2015

2015 Annual Sketches Exhibition at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery

2015 Annual Sketches Exhibition at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery is now open featuring superb sketches by selected historical and contemporary artists such as: A.Y.Jackson, Normand Hudon, Bruno Cote, Robert Genn, Francesco Iacurto, Arto Yuzbasiyan, John Joy, Serghei Chepik, Camelia de Montety, Liviu Suhar and Valeriu Gonceariuc.

A.Y. Jackson - "Baie St. Paul, Quebec" (1951)
Baie St. Paul (1951) - Oil on panel
Normand Hudon - "Rue Principale" (1989)
Rue Principale  (1989) - Oil on panel
Robert Genn - "Pattern with Green and Alizarin"
Pattern with Green and Alizarin - Oil on canvas
Bruno Cote - "Terre Neuve" - Newfoundland (1991)
Terre Neuve, Newfoundland (1991) - Oil on masonite
Francesco Iacurto - "Parliament Hill, Ottawa"
Parliament Hill, Ottawa - Oil on board
Francesco Iacurto (1908-2001)

West End in Winter (1997) - Oil on board
Arto Yuzbasiyan (1948-)

John Joy - Dufferin Street (1993)
Dufferin Street (1993) - Acrylic on panel
John Joy (1925-2012)

Sergei Chepik - Les Contes D'Hoffmann (Petrushka) (1988)
Les Contes D'Hoffmann (Petrushka) (1988) - Oil on canvas

Abstract Composition IV (2014) - Oil on canvas board

Point - Oil on board
Golden Afternoon - Acrylic on canvas

Liviu Suhar - Nude (2002)
Nude (2002) - Oil on canvas
Liviu Suhar (1943-)

Valeriu Conceariuc - Nocturn (2002)
Nocturn (2002) - Oil on panel

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Robert Genn - "Transportation" (1972) available now at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery

Available now at Fine Arts Toronto Gallery another superb and rare painting by Robert Genn - "Transportation" (1972), oil on canvas (24"x36").

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